Infographic: The road to a circular economy

Bruynzeel Storage Systems

In a circular economy products and parts are being re-used as much as possible. Everything is aimed at reducing the negative output and use of natural resources. More and more organisations strive to alter their production-process according to this principle.

One of them is Bruynzeel Storage Systems. This global organisation active in innovative storage-solutions for offices and archives wants to be working according to the principles of circular economy by the year 2020. To achieve this goal they have started a large-scale project. To keep everyone involved up-to-date with the results we have developed an infographic for Bruynzeel. All facts and figures have been structured according to theme or department. Isometric shapes (3D) give the design a technical aspect fitting with the design of the subject and organisation. The infographic ends with a total savings in kilogram of CO2-output. In this way the result of all the hard-labor is made clear for everyone.

“ has succeeded to summarize a complex story in an understandable and accessible infographic.”

— Soraya Hölzken-Hoeben, Bruynzeel Storage Systems bv