The One DSM Train. Quick, Safe and Efficiently towards the future.


DSM is active in health, nutrition and materials worldwide. About 25.000 employees in 49 countries develop innovative solutions that make life better and more pleasant. For support they can reach out to the DSM Expert Center (DEC). Five service-departments have combined their strengths in the expert center. Together they supply the organization with knowledge, advice and helpful tools that help them work more effectively and efficiently.


Internal presentation

Within large, international organisations like DSM it is not self-evident that everyone knows what each department does. Service-departments often have to present themselves internally in an active way. The same goes for the DEC. Colleagues often do not find the department and as a result they hire expensive, external consultants. Even though the DEC has the same expertise on board. To prevent this from happening we have developed a motiographic and an infographic.


The motiongraphic tells the story of the DEC. What is does, for who, how and why. To emphasize the fact that the department is a part of DSM and thus is heading in the same direction we advised to use a train as a metaphor. The One DSM train was born. An ultramodern, high-velocity train that rides through a challenging and ever-changing environment.


Towards the future

The train consists of different carts that represent different departments and business groups. In the last one we find the DEC to express its supporting nature. A few moments later we are able to look into the cart itself that show five areas of expertise. The train rides towards an efficient and effective future whilst the voice-over explains the role, ambitions and the process. It passes an external consultant who has become obsolete with full-speed.

Clear presentation

Besides the motiongraphic we have developed a static infographic. The static infographic summarizes the most important facts, activities and tasks. The department is presented clearly. Important for a consistent, internal presentation, but also important for its self-image. It helps employees sell their department internally.