NVZ – Zorgzekeren.nl

Background & details
The NVZ (Dutch association of Hospital) has approached us to create an interactive campaign called ‘ZEKER’. The campaign is aimed at creating awareness for ‘cyber security’ in health organisations. It is a response to a nation-wide campaign for ‘cyber security’ in The Netherlands called ‘Alert Online’. The NVZ wanted to use an interactive selftest to raise the awareness of managers and employees of health organisations about proper cyber security .
We decided to filter the information at hand and come up with a fitting concept for the interactive infographic.

In short: Involve managers and employees of health organisations actively in raising awareness about cyber security using an interactive selftest.


The idea was to make the general theme of the campaign more clear and personal by using daily best practice scenarios. Eventually we used six moments in the daily affairs of health organisations at which privacy could potentially be at risk and made them interactive. During each scenario the user is involved by interacting with elements specific for that situation. For example they have to type in a secure password. By using real scenarios and make them interactive the selftest has helped to successfully raise awareness and engagement. At the end the user is given a personal score which can be shared directly via the most popular social media aswell as a link to more information. This project has received a modern en characteristic style that complements the corporate identity of the NVZ.

Facts & figures
Used in various trainingsessions at large health organisations in The Netherlands.
921 managers of 47 different health organisations have filled in an online questionnaire.
41 health organisations ordered offline campaign material of the ‘ZEKER’ campaign.

Inform: 90%
Attract: 60%
Engage: 100%