Vaillant Group – My Green iQ

Background & details
The Vaillant Group is an international family-owned company with over 140 years of experience. The Vaillant Group is a global market and technology leader in the fields of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology. They have conducted the first Europe-wide study into green intelligence among 13.500 participants in over 13 different countries. Visualize.My was approached to visualize the ‘My Green iQ’ campaign to give the study more attention and to engage a bigger audience. The campaign was run together with the United Digital Group (one of Germany’s leading marketing agencies).

In short: Make the ‘My Green iQ’ campaign come to life by creating visuals and videos. Engage the online visitor with an interactive selftest and dataset.

A large and complex dataset is made attractive and personal by using a characteristic style. For example in an animated teaser showing the most important and notable outcomes of the study using a number of fictional characters from a selection of the 13 countries included in the study. In the selftest the personal aspect shows in a unique Green iQ score with matching titles and visuals (are you a ‘Green Bad Guy’ or a ‘Green Super Hero’?). The score is shareable via the most popular social media. The dataset uses personal filters and selectable variables to create your own summary of the conducted study. The My Green iQ campaign manages to make the large and complex dataset interesting and personal again.

SelftestMy Green IQ Selftest

DatasetMy Green IQ Dataset

Annual reportannualreport-greeniq

Facts & Figures
13.500 participants
13 countries
3 languages: FR, EN, DE
Over 144.000 data-units (such as Excel-sheets)

Inform: 75%
Attract: 90%
Engage: 100%